Our company maintains and saves the financial statements.

Undertake the load of day-to-day accounting operations and save business costs, allowing companies to focus on the operational aspects of their business. We provide services in the field of accounting and assurance to our offshore clients from different countries, including the USA, the United Kingdom, and the UAE. We provide these services.

Book Keeping:
  • Recording all financial transactions on daily basis.
  • Fixing Charts of Accounts.
  • Matching bank feeds and Reconciling Banks and Credit Card Statements.
  • Producing and organizing all source documents such as expense invoices, Purchase orders, payment receipts, sales report.
  • Reconciling Intercompany balances on a monthly basis.
Accounts Receivable and Payable Management:
  • Reconcile accounts receivable/payable statements from customers against ledger balance and resolve any discrepancies
  • Check the relevant account receivable ledger.
  • Ensure all outstanding invoices have been sent out to vendors
  • Generate relevant reports to Senior Management
  • Maintain credit relationships and ensure that there are no breaches of limits
Inventory Management:
  • Maintaining Stock Register
Payroll Management:
  • Weekly/Monthly preparation of Salary Sheets
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Accounting Package

Hourly Rate for Accountants Is: US$37 / INR 3075 ( Ex. 18% GST )

Depending on factors, such as the accountant's experience and your business's needs.

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